New Moon in Virgo - September 13th 2015

Moon PhasesThe thing about New Moons is that there’s always an opportunity for a fresh emotional start. Each moon has a different personality. In a nutshell, this one is about making new plans, self-improvement and refinement – anything and everything that will help improve your life. Meditate, clear your mind and see what drifts in. Imagine you’re on a train, watching the scenery pass by; enjoying it but detached from it. Let the magic begin and it doesn’t stop there. Use the voice recorder on your phone or write down what inspirations or breakthroughs manifest. Get a strategy and visualise completing your dream list.

Self-improvement is high on the agenda too. Take an honest but realistic look at yourself. What can you change in your diet? Don’t make it too rigid because you won’t stick to it. The same applies to exercise. Make it fun. Start with what you enjoy doing. Little and often is the key.

How can you change how you feel? If someone continues to upset you, they will not change much. Focus on how you can work around this, how you can avoid the situation, detach from it or simply look at them from a different viewpoint, one that seals you off from their negativity.

With this Virgo Moon, the magic is in the detail. Search the detail for that eureka moment, no matter what area of life you are focusing on.

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