The New Moon in Gemini – 16th June 2015

New Moons are nearly always about hope because they represent new beginnings, fresh energy and the particular sign it’s in gives us the area in which it is expressed. The key word for Gemini is ‘communication’ and as it’s the first Air Sign, it’s about initiating communication. Ask yourself, what topic do you want to open up? Is there someone you want to approach? Maybe you’ve been holding back. Now is the moment, especially as we’ve just come through Mercury Retrograde which has hopefully brought everything that needs addressing to the surface. Just make sure that what you’ve got to say is worth saying. You have that one moment to make an impact, to grab someone’s attention. Also, do make sure you’ve got the rest of the conversation ready to carry it forward. This is an opportunity to break through in your career or to return to a door that was previously locked to you and which may now be open. Timing, choice of words and tone. One a personal level, you have a window of opportunity to revisit an old wound, to find a way to heal using a new approach. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom if, deep down, both of you want to heal and move on. Don’t be scared to approach a tricky situation. Remember, the same applies here too – timing, choice of words, tone.

On a lighter note, this New Moon in Gemini is encouraging fun, flirting and a break from life’s pressures. Let your hair down and bring some well-deserved light into your life.