Mood of the Month - January 2019

So here we are, January 2019, which is a Three year. Look out for a baby boom and people being at their most creative no matter how challenging the circumstances. January is one of the most important months of the year as it sets the tone for what's to come. Busy, busy, busy. So, you haven't got time to wallow in a hangover.

The first, most important thing, is to clear the decks from the past year or two. This is most evident as we go through the Blood Full Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse January 20th/21st depending on where you are on the planet. What promise have you not fulfilled to someone, something or even to yourself. You will need to deal with this first or be handicapped when it comes to fulfilling your goals. What's more, you need to have made progress towards resolution before the end of the month, so don't let it drag on. It may be uncomfortable to do so but it would mean perpetual pain not to. 

We start the month with the Sun in Capricorn so we have every reason to detox, set constructive targets and build up a clear picture of how we will make dramatic changes. This is not a time to be tinkering about at the edges. 

We have a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse on 6th in Capricorn. The message is clear; lay foundations of what you want to build and where you want to build it. Make a mental shift and focus on new goals, be different, think differently, act differently.

This month could be physically tiring but mentally and emotionally energising. It could bring the start of dramatic change for the better. People may even comment; 'something's different about you.'

For the first time in a while, most planets are direct, so nothing should hold you back except your own insecurities, make sure you eradicate 'yes, but' from your vocabulary. 

Love and fun may be found on the international stage, emphasising peace, harmony and fostering greater understanding and co-operation. In fact, fun is the key word as Mars travels through Aries bringing happy flirtations, either with another person or around a special project. It's all about having a go, and testing the waters.

Threaded through this lighter mood, you may feel, thrown off your guard at times, by moments of deep sadness, nostalgia or pain. This is just your soul re-adjusting to your new focus and aims and is giving you useful and constructive messages. Embrace them. 

Susie Johns1 Comment