Mood of the Month - February 2019

As we step into February, the Sun is already in Aquarius bringing drama and breakthroughs, especially in health and medicine. This theme is given a boost by the New Moon in Aquarius on the 4th. It’s a time to find new ways, better ways, to communicate. Don’t bang your head against a brick wall but find lateral ways to get around all problems. Trying to win battles won’t work, you are bigger than this, you don’t need to score points. Focus on positive long-term outcomes. You will be amazed what breakthroughs you can make this month and be pleasantly surprised with whom you can get on board and what tensions you can diffuse.

 There’s also a strong emphasis on clearing up family misunderstandings. Again, think Aquarius. I’m not saying it’s for you to put matters right, I’m suggesting you find an inner peace by not trying to change people but by changing how you respond to them when you know you’ve done your best.

 Look out for the Sun moving into Pisces on the 19th when the mood should be more romantic caring laid back. However, also on the 19th is the Full Moon in Virgo, the control freak. This could be a combustible mix. How’s it going to pan out in your world? It might be incredibly good or dramatically clearing. Prepare the best you can and trust what happens.

 Jupiter, planet of travel, expansion and hope, is in Sagittarius all year so it’s particularly auspicious for anyone with Sagittarius in their chart. Venus, is in Capricorn for most of the month so, this could be interesting for love especially for people in cross-cultural relationships or finding love in foreign parts. Love could blossom through work or through working on noble projects that help make the world a more stable place.

 People are feeling vulnerable about the state of the world at the moment and this planetary line-up could be a lifeline for us all. It’s saying, find tolerance and compassion. The more you fear someone or a situation, go deeper into it to try and understand how you can change things for the better. This is true for both personal and professional matters.

 Something could snap quite dramatically, followed by an awakening for us all and a kinder and more considerate order. We have to work with what is not how we would things to be. Learn to see the good in what is established and teach the fearful and rigid to be flexible, through articulating your vision and thus encouraging people to broaden their viewpoint and their horizons.

 We have both sides fighting for leadership and nobody’s going to win if we deal in anger and fear. Remember, there’s plenty of room at the top, it’s the bottom that’s overcrowded

Susie JohnsComment