Mood of the Month

We go deeper into the traits of Scorpio until the 22nd when the Sun Moves into Sagittarius. In the Tarot, Scorpio is represented by the Death card. Auspiciously, this about dramatic positive change and transformation, not a literal death. What changes are you experiencing now and what have you yet to change? Trust your journey and even though there may be scary moments, the outcome will be positive.

 Don’t hang on to relationships that are dying. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box and trust that nothing can remain the same, static.

 It always comes back to the journey, so make sure you are doing and being your best, every day. It’s in the next few weeks that you may unearth the missing link that you’ve been struggling to find for a long while. Shifts may be huge or subtle and can relate to any aspect of your life.

 Once the Sun is in Sagittarius on the 22nd, there’s more of a focus on travel, international links and energetic expansion; so, on every level you’re being encouraged to stretch your mind, your heart, your actions.

 The New Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is intense, spend the time getting to know yourself better, or with someone you want to know better. It’s a great day to clear the air and clear the decks. The Full Moon on the 23rd in Gemini creates a more light-hearted atmosphere and it could be time to party.

 Venus, retrograde until the 14th, is challenging our personal and professional relationships but all should be clear by this date and harmony can be restored, even if it’s just within yourself that you’ve done your best.

 Two days later, Mercury goes Retrograde on the 16th until the 5th December. Make sure you’ve got all contractual work and plans clear before then, otherwise there could be mayhem. This goes for global situations too, including the weather.

 We have Saturn continuing to move directly through Capricorn this month giving us a fundamental structure to help alleviate any dramas.

 Jupiter, the planet of hope and expansion, moves into Sagittarius on the 9th and stays at zero degrees for 4 days. This gives you a great springboard to reach out and launch your dreams and desires. Make sure you’re jumping in the right direction and that you are truly focused. Use this four-day window well and you will see positive results in a year’s time. This is especially fortuitous for Sagittarians, or people with Sagittarius prominent in their horoscope.

 In among all the political rhetoric of the moment, Jupiter’s move could bring a great sense of well-being, hope and positivity for all, even if we’re only seeing small sparks at this moment.

 Focus on feeding this positivity and watch your life blossom.

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