Sat-Nav for the Soul - When Things Start to go Right

Don't Panic! Trust. It's only human to work on eliminating negative patterns, then freak-out when things go right. Wrong thinking. It's just your fear that, when this thing I've put a huge emotional investment into achieving, finally materialises, I will have it snatched away from me. This is self-sabotage. What you're actually doing is protecting yourself from disappointment by preparing for failure.

Why? Perhaps because the struggles you're trying to escape from may be painful but they are known, familiar, safe. It's the old pattern; better the devil you know.

But ask yourself; does this fearful, reflex reaction sit well with the new, self-empowering me? Much better to prepare for success by telling yourself; life is going right because I'm creating a new, positive neural pathway in my brain.

Be brave and carve out a new life-track to follow, even if it means having to metaphorically hack through the undergrowth and confront your fear of what lies beyond the looming horizon. 

Believe in your journey and the many destinations along the way. Remember, the more you travel this path, the easier it will get.

I am loving this journey, it is uniquely mine.

Susie Johns3 Comments