Mood of the Month - October 2018

Spring and Autumn are upon us, depending upon which hemisphere you live in but the message to all of us is the same, we are moving into a new phase with a new tempo. The Sun in Libra urges balance and a plea for harmony even though that might be challenging at times. As with last month, focus on long-term results and don't worry about needing to score minor points in the short term. There will be break-ups and make-ups - not necessarily within your power, so just go with the flow and trust the right outcome will materialise.

The New Moon in Libra on the 9th enhances the opportunity to find a perfect compromise just when you thought all was lost. Relationships and challenges become more intense as we enter Scorpio on the 23rd. Some of you may feel: "... bring it on ..." if you have been sitting on the fence too long or just felt lost and stuck. There could be opportunities to spice up a relationship or take a calculated risk in your love life. In some area of your life you may feel it's time to be more truthful. This is a good thing but choose your words and tone wisely. 

For some of you, the Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th, brings an opportunity of completion and new beginnings. It's an important time to re-assess your living situation, how you earn your money and invest it and re-evaluate your whole lifestyle. 

There could be breakthroughs in medicine and the environment and we will be made to re-think how we individually and collectively share this planet. We need to ask; how can I do my bit? and answers will come.

There may be a health crisis so remember, how you live now will have a direct influence on how healthy you will be in 10 years' time.

Mercury, planet of communication, moves from Libra into Scorpio on the 10th bringing drama and intensity. Venus in Scorpio all month turns retrograde on 5th, so there will be a strong emphasis this month upon spring cleaning relationships. As Mars continues through Aquarius all month, look out for a major breakthrough or invention hitting the headlines.

Finally, a busy month for all, just hang on to the reins and be brave.

Susie JohnsComment