Sat-Nav for the Soul - Feeling Low and Isolated

Often people go through similar thoughts and feelings at the same time but in different parts of the world. This is the collective unconscious and it's comforting to know that when we struggle, feel hopeless or even despairing, that we are not alone and we can tap into the collective energy for support, love and inspiration.

Test it out ...

Every day, find a quiet space and with nature if possible. Start by taking three deep breaths through the nose and allow the out-breaths to be twice as long as the in-breaths; (check your not breathing into your shoulders) Scan your body for physical, emotional and mental pain. Don't skim over this; stay with the feelings; embrace and honour what you're experiencing. 

Check your breathing and this time, think of breathing deep into your feet and down to the centre of the earth. Also, imagine your mind reaching up to the universal, divine, life-force energy. You are always connected to this beautiful energy, not matter what your human self is going through. So, give it a colour. Flow with it. Feel this light travel back through your body down through your feet.

Now just say to yourself, as often as you like ...:

I am eternally connected to this beautiful energy.

My past, present and future are as one.

I am safe

I am supported

I connect to love, compassion and hope

Check your breathing and feel what you've just said in every cell of your body.

Check your feelings again.

Choose to be kind to yourself today, knowing that you are supported.

Susie Johns3 Comments