Sat-Nav for the Soul - Tuning out the White Noise

If life is putting you through one of those challenging periods where nothing seems to be going right and you’re feeling frustrated, isolated or thwarted, it’s important to re-establish a balance of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. It doesn’t really matter what order you do things, just do your best and this phase really will pass.

You don't always have to be physically strong to thrive, to succeed or achieve. There are times when you just have to Trust the process of life and Believe in your life's journey. 

If you’re suffering from brain overload, the white noise of anxious, scary and overwhelming thoughts, you need to break the pattern of too much Thinking and too much Wrong Thinking. So, move your Physical energy and get those endorphins flowing.

Feel you are doing the best you can and visualise pink light filling your body or focus on a pink candle. Wear something pink. Be more and Do less. Look around you. Focus on the minor miracles, no matter how small, that are collectively guiding and protecting you. Think of a moment when you were happy. Think through the detail of that time. Believe it happened because it did! Visualise it as if watching a movie. Smell it, taste it, hear the sounds.

Breathe the breath of longevity. Inhale deeply on a count of 4 and exhale slowly on a count of 8, just remember to make the out-breath twice as long as the in-breath. As you breath, just repeat to yourself as often as you like:




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