The Planet Mercury and Its Retrograde

Mercury, Hermes, was the messenger of the Gods. So, in modern times, relates to all aspects of communication including, education, travel, correspondence, literary matters; also, neighbours, family, businesses and contracts. Did you know, it also rules over the solar plexus, seat of our self-confidence; the lungs, arms, hands, tongue, nervous system and sight.

 You can feel Mercury’s influence anywhere in life when ideas take root and blossom. Wherever Mercury is positioned, shows where the mind is active. It’s glyph, or icon, symbolises the uplifting of our spirits during our earthly journey.

 Mercury Retrograde occurs about three times a year and lasts approximately three weeks each time. It can play havoc with the smooth running of life. It’s when household appliances and technology can break down; meetings get cancelled, industrial strikes occur, contracts collapse and accidents can happen. Emotions can erupt and break ups occur. We all need to tread carefully. However, looking back on such period, you’ll understand that this disruption was because things weren’t right in the first place and a shift was needed. Something better is usually around the corner even if it’s only a life lesson. It usually leads to a new way of thinking, a new way of processing problems and challenges. Frequently, a greater wisdom is developed.

Mercury Retrograde this November 2018 is in Sagittarius, so the emphasis is on travel, all things foreign and unconventional knowledge. We are urged to look, not only at our attitude towards anything foreign and perhaps our prejudices but also our fascinations and curiosities. It stimulates us to get to the truth behind our differences and to have a more lateral attitude to life at large. You may even feel like escaping from the routine of your life so, it’s a good time to plan a trip and whilst on the physical journey, you could also get some perspective and distance on your life. This period can open up your mind and your world.

 On 1st December, Mercury is still retrograde but moves into Scorpio meaning, your journey is going to be more internal, reflective and spiritual. This is a personal voyage to rediscover yourself and to make new decisions. Everything starts with the self, so don’t be afraid to get close to your deepest feelings and be guided by them, no matter how topsy-turvy the world around you may seem. Take this advice and you will come through this retrograde period, after the 6th, feeling more hopeful, more enthusiastic, and ready for a new chapter to begin in your life.

Just a point to be aware of, because Mercury is retrograde and rules the lungs, this is a great time to give up smoking, get a flu jab and avoid anything that puts your breathing in jeopardy. Also, keep doing things that help make the planet a better place.

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