Mood of the Month - July 2019

July encourages harmony among families where before, there was discord. Think of the world as one big family. It’s essential that we all focus on trying to find the good in everyone rather than rushing towards what seems to be blatantly negative. For the greater good, someone has to be the grown up and this time, I’m afraid, it’s going to have to be you. On the plus side, the rewards can bring you liberation, confidence and enormous energy. Don’t be afraid to face difficult family challenges; the support is there even from some surprising sources. This is all about trust and don’t worry if the results aren’t immediate.

 It’s a good time for new parents and those taking on a parental role in the wider sense. There could be an inheritance or a talent passed down from one generation to the next and coming to prominence.

 It’s a month for romance, so think outside the box, you may surprise yourself.

 An important time to watch for is the 2nd when the Sun and the New Moon (eclipsed) are both in Cancer. I can almost hear you saying, I’ve been here before. Don’t be fooled, it’s not only different this time but it’s allowing you to break old cycles and move into new territory.

 The Full Moon on 16th in Capricorn could again put you in the spotlight which could bring praise and admiration. This could also cross over into your personal life, just go with the flow.

 The Sun moves into Leo on 23rd which brings the opportunity for greater passion creativity and fun. Just be careful about your boundaries and don’t let anything get out of hand.

 I can’t go without mentioning Mercury back in Retrograde again from the 7th – 30th – so all the usual warning apply. From the 19th onwards, Mercury shifts into Cancer so if there are any breakouts or breakthroughs are going to happen it’s most likely to be in the area of family and close relationships.

 Four of the major outer planets are also retrograde apart from Uranus in Taurus. Be careful with what you are planning in a group and in relation to the outer world. Things could get a bit hairy at times. If you need to take a calculated risk, do it before the 11th.

 This month, don’t be afraid to expand beyond your normal parameters.

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