Mood of the Month - August 2019

This month is about journeying on many levels. Who or what do you need to say goodbye to? Some of you may be leaving an old lifestyle, a home and even your country. There will be many questions about your purpose in life and your desire for new routes and experiences. Ask yourself; what have I not grasped yet where my soul’s true purpose is concerned? It’s time to be brave and find alternative ways of expressing yourself that are more satisfying. We all need to break free of tight restrictions that are outdated and controlling. Find your inner wisdom to put you on the right path. There will be challenges, doubt and uncertainty but the new way is to embrace these with confidence as part of your personal growth and not ignore them or run away in fear.

Creative and powerful Leo sets the tone for the first part of the month with the added influence of a New Moon in Leo to turbo charge this energy. Be a spiritual and creative warrior to move forward and use your profound sense of values and a clear sense of direction to progress.

 From 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, travel and adventure, which has been retrograde for a while goes direct and this lifts us onto a new positive plane where all types of journeys should be smoother and more fulfilling. Even the challenging ones. With Saturn, retrograde in Capricorn all month there will be certain lessons you’ll need to re-visit and refine, otherwise your progress will be hampered. Just be careful about anything to do with money. Read the small print and trust your true instinct.

 Although the month brings the ying and yang of conflict and resolution, there’s a very positive focus on affairs of the heart with the Full Moon in Aquarius on 15th at its centre. Some relationships may come to the end of their natural timespan but carry on in friendship, equally, close friendships could blossom into love. Be open to a new kind of relationship as you make the inner transformation, you will be guided towards someone who is also on the same path as you.

 The New Moon in Virgo at the end of the month, encourages you to look at the detail as a new relationship becomes more familiar. You may discover some hidden gems.

For all of us, there is a more optimistic feeling in the air as we develop our individuality and yet have a warmth and passion for the collective.

Share your love and compassion with yourself, with friends, with the world.


Susie JohnsComment