Mood of the Month - October 2019

We start the month with the Sun in Libra, supported by the recent New Moon in Libra which came at the end of September. Some of you will have read my last post talking about the influence of that New Moon which will strongly affect us and not only for the rest of this month; in fact, the turmoil won't be over until next year. Think of the upheaval that the 1960s brought as this could be an echo of that era. One thing's for sure, during this period of transformation and change, which it would be foolish to resist, beautiful Libra's mission is to bring balance and harmony so that we are all safe.

The Full Moon on the 13th in Aries, may bring sudden breakthroughs and surprises. Light and flirty for some but dangerous for some of you in long-term relationships. 

The North Node represents our spiritual quest in life, being retrograde in Cancer, it urges us to review the way we nourish ourselves, those around us and how we nourish the planet. Feed the bees, ditch the plastic. Our individual actions can have a massive, positive impact on the collective. Be uplifted by the fact that this movement has already begun.

Some of you may go through parenting difficulties and don't be afraid to seek help and support. This could also relate to those of you still carrying emotional childhood wounds. Time to heal the past by embracing the child within. If you don't acknowledge your damaged inner child your pain will keep recurring.

Mercury, the planet of communication is in Scorpio all month encouraging you to go deep within. Feel safe as you explore the more obscure corners of your psyche. Mercury goes retrograde on the last day of October, so there is no hiding place. Face your fears and watch them melt away. 

Mars is also in Libra for most of the month so there is a constant effort to stop the ship from sinking as we go through the turmoil. By the 24th, when the Sun goes into Scorpio, it will become clearer, what it is we need to face. Relationships could get deeper, new and unusual ones could begin and there could be signs of healing in relationships both at home and abroad. In these difficult times, there's actually a great deal that we can do. The most powerful action we can take is to be compassionate to others and ourselves. By seeing life from others' perspective, tensions evaporate and ways forward can become clearer and less threatening. Believe in the good in people and most importantly, believe in the good and beauty within yourself and live it. Then watch the magic happen.

Susie JohnsComment