Mercury Retrograde - October

Batten down the hatches and bring it on as Mercury turns retrograde on October 4th in Scorpio whilst the Sun is still in calm and balanced Libra. If you are being too complacent in a relationship, treading water in any other area of your life, this Retrograde is here to shake you up. This can be an unnerving time but nearly always, looking back, we see Mercury was only trying to be helpful. The usual rules apply for this 3-week retrograde period … avoid committing yourself to any decision if you are not sure. Look through contracts very carefully before signing. Don’t fly off the handle then spend months regretting it. You may be right but will the result be what you want.

With Scorpio’s strong influence, the main lesson here is in the area of personal relationships. That includes family and work, in fact, all close relationships. You are being guided to heal a situation or alternatively it could a moment either to dive in the deep end or make good your escape. Gear changes are unavoidable. Saturn, the learning planet is also in Scorpio and is teaching us new tricks; how to handle old patterns in new ways.

For some of you, relationships could be reaching great heights, career paths could soar. Some of you will feel more happy inside your body and your life than you’ve been for a long time.

Scorpio always brings intensity and drama but not necessarily trauma.

Dive into this Retrograde with confidence and determination.

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