Mood of the Month - April 2015

Spring for half the globe and hope for all. The symbolism of Spring touches us all … new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, ideas taking root, seedlings growing, love burgeoning and new love coming from unexpected places. You may find a new idea finding an audience. Anything is possible. Hearts can be mended and battles becalmed. As we are in reflex action Aries until the 20th, there is no better time to instigate new beginnings with confidence so long as your actions are coming from your soul and not hot emotion or mental confusion.

Instigate with calm and clarity but don’t let anyone blow out your match even though there is always a possibility of needing to defer lighting it. Timing is key

We have the powerful full moon eclipse in Libra on the 4th but I will be talking about that separately at the time. I will also be talking about the new moon in Aries on the 18th. That’s one to be ready for. New breakthroughs on every level.

The spiritual quest of the month is to find inner balance and peaceful justice with the world outside. This brings healing in every area of your life, personally and professionally.

Communicate with instinct then put this communication into a practical form from the 14th. Listen to your body and act on its message to you. If you are physically strong, you can communicate healthily emotionally and mentally to the world outside. It’s a win, win solution for all. Let’s not miss out the obvious message too. Diet, health, fitness. I don’t need to say more!

The first half of the month brings opportunities to catch up with friends and family; to give loved ones special attention. Who can you spend time with or where can you escape to which would give you quality time to reflect and recharge. From the 12th you are encouraged to deal with the detail of communication and that will mean different things to each of you. Your social life could get busy and people you meet could be significant.

It’s a roll your sleeves up month for work so don’t moan or procrastinate. Just get on with it. It’s a very positive time for anyone whose body is a key part of their work.

Fun and laughter as well as happy drama will help us glide through the month.

Throughout all the ups and down of the month, there is an underlying message; self-learning through education, travel and inward contemplation and discovery. The individual message will become so clear to you by the end of the month and the self-discoveries will be the key to take you forward into May.