Full Moon in Virgo - 5th March 2015

Buddha Moon CabreraThis is a tricky one. It is a day of heightened emotion but it is in controlling, analytical Virgo. At  the same time we are in romantic, unable to make a decision Pisces  Work that out ! It’s quite a cocktail.

If you are clearly in the middle of something good in any area of your life, reach for the sky.

If you are uncertain, no matter how much you are tempted, WAIT. Everything could backfire and explode in your face.

There is another alternative….

If you can clearly differentiate between what is worth persuing and what is not, move appropriately

Also, if you are mainly on your own today, it’s a brilliant moment to focus on your own personal power and find the answers from within. It’s always safe to pamper oneself and just be glad to be alive.