New Moon in Pisces 20th March and Eclipse

This is a strong one on this, the last day of Pisces Let’s be positive. You could make this the most romantic day of the year so far….

Single? No problem. Focus on your personal dreams without that critical voice saying, ‘In your dreams’. Yes in your dreams but packaged in belief, faith and determination. So, the love seeds you sow now should be growing by the time you reach six months from today, in mid-September.

It’s essential to keep watering those seeds as you also make a note in your diary.

Today, just take a moment to get out of your head and just feel in your warm loving heart, the possibility of life getting better. Ignore the tired, old voice in your head restricting your dreams. Try it differently this time. What have you got to lose?

The Eclipse adds an extra dimension to the situation whether you can see it in the sky or not. Its impact transcends clouds! The moon is feminine, receptive and seems to have no power of its own. Have you watched an Eclipse? The birds stop singing; The shadowing of the Sun puts all life on hold. It’s saying, don’t see my gentleness as weakness; Think Ghandi, think passive resistance.

We all can draw on our strength when needed. Strength manifests in mysterious ways, sometimes with unexpected support from others. Strength is believing you don’t always have to deal with life alone. Open your heart to the world today and see what happens.