Mood of the Month - March 2015

March is a clear and crisp word. It’s time to wake up and take action. Haven’t you heard of the Ides of March? Lay big fat seeds then water, water, water, no procrastination. How do you do this when we are in dreamy, romantic Pisces? Each one of you will have your own way of dealing with this dilemma.  Yes, be true to your dreams but don’t just have them floating round your head, harness them, give them structure and formulate a plan of action.

From the 21st onwards it will be much easier as the Sun goes into Aries. Imagine this as a match, the spark that will fire and sustain your actions. There’s also a mood for seeking harmony and balance on a very deep level. Find your inner equilibrium from which you can move in any direction as the situation demands. Catch up with friends in the first half of the month because there will be greater demands on your time and energy as the month progresses.

Also, those seeking love may get off to a few false starts as the month begins but clarity on commitment is more sharply focused after the 17th.

There may also be a few false starts where work’s concerned unless your job is to initiate projects; if that’s the case, it’s your magic moment. Don’t set your health and fitness goals too high or you won’t be able to sustain them.

The major advice to give you as we go through March is absolutely not to implode your emotions. This could either result in over-indulgence or cutting off from the world without people understanding why. Foreign people, foreign places are all well aspected in the first half of the month but there could be delays or setbacks in the second half.

It’s a real mixed bag where energy and flow is concerned. Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t force the pace or resist the pace and you’ll be fine.

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